Build a compelling private online profile to access new opportunities.

Increase your acceptance rate for colleges, internships, scholarships, and research projects.


Own Your Narrative

spikeview enables Parents and Children to build out compelling views into a sharable, customizable online profile.


A network for kids, spikeview addresses the challenge of organizing their fragmented data in this increasingly complex and competitive world, securely manages their ever-shifting connections and activities, and provides a way to relevant businesses to reach you while allowing you full control over your data and privacy.


spikeview is the first global platform that focuses on helping kids leverage their data, existing accomplishments and interests to discover new opportunities, apply for interest-based programs, and leverage the data for strengthening the college application.

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THE spikeview


Your information is always secure on spikeview.


Our Privacy Promise Is Very Simple

You will own your data. If you're under 13, your parents will be involved in every decision about connections, group membership, and account oversight

We will NOT sell your data or provide it to anyone you have not chosen to connect with

You share only what you want, with whom you want, when you want. You can even revoke permissions and retract shared profiles


spikeview FOR

Fostering partnership between Parents, Kids and Communities


You're unique, and believe it or not, you've already had a very interesting journey in life. Start using  spikeview to track your interests and you will soon be able to build a compelling story of your life.

Not to flex on social media with all its posturing and pressures. Do it for yourself. The information is yours. Keep it private, or share it in views you can customize - as you see fit. Your soccer coach doesn't need to see your journey in music. Your Drama teacher doesn't need to know you're a Mathlete. 

You have a great story. Own your narrative, with spikeview.


At spikeview, we believe that  Parents are crucial to their childrens' success. Driven, motivated parents, who can nurture their childrens' talents without adding undue pressure can pave the way for self-motivated children who learn to set and accomplish their goals.

The secure spikeview environment allows you to have a safe space for your child, away from the prying eyes, posturing, and pressures of social media, where you can build out the story arc of each of your childs' strengths over time. See where they struggled, where they persevered, and how they learned to excel. And then, be able to customize that information and share it privately (or publicly if you choose) to present to a coach, a college counselor, and admissions official, an internship coordinator, or a teacher.


See what our global voices are saying about the spikeview platform

spikeview is Awesome! So much more than "LinkedIn for Kids" - I found most of my friends from a 3rd Grade Chess class, and I'm still in touch with my buddies from JHCTY Science Camp.

Ananya R., Menlo Park, CA


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